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Goodbye bottlenecks. Hello smooth collaboration with Approval Workflows.

Now getting feedback and approval on your files can be the simplest part of your day.

  • Get clear feedback on your documents in real-time.
  • Eliminate email overload with a simple, streamlined document approval process and activity log.
  • Set a deadline and stick to it with automated reminders for all collaborators.

No credit card needed

Get useful feedback on your documents in real time.

It’s easy to share a file for feedback and approval right in your account. Here’s how:

  • Just add your collaborators' names and email addresses, they will receive a link to open that document in ShareFile — no downloads or plugins necessary.
  • Your approver can then highlight specific sections of your document and leave comments in-line. No more lengthy, unclear emails.
  • Watch in real-time when your collaborators are in the workspace leaving comments. When your approver is finished, they can choose to approve, reject, or request changes to your document.

Get document feedback within ShareFile's approval workflow.

Easily keep track of multiple edits and versions.

Never lose track of the latest version of a file again:

  • Receive and share links that take you directly to your latest document.
  • Conveniently access every comment and new version you upload through same link.
  • Keep your team and clients on the same page with automatic versioning.

Get your files approved on time, every time.

  • Set a deadline for document approvals right in ShareFile so you can feel confident about getting your files finalized on time.
  • Automatically send and receive reminders without the confusing email threads.
  • Track everything in real-time so you always know where things stand.

If you need to get documents and designs approved by your clients or coworkers, do it the better way with Feedback and Approval Workflows. Start for free today!

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Don't see what you're looking for? Call 1 800 441 3453 for a more in-depth look at ShareFile and to see how we can customize a plan for your business

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